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You made it.
This website features my art.
Art for clients, art for myself, art for your store, art for your living room, art to give and just plain art for art’s sake.
My art is versatile. It has been used for film and television animation, character design, editorial and advertising accompaniments, point-of-purchase to help sell stuff and licensed art to slap on something for somebody to buy. Art for daily newspaper, periodical and website cartoon consumption, art for weekly needs and art once a month for specifically targeted necessities. Regionally, nationally, internationally, and globally.
Who has used my art? Why, here is the list…

NBC, Sony, Coca-Cola, Paramount Pictures, Pepsi-Cola, Playboy, Mad Magazine, New York Times, Sports Illustrated, Wall Street Journal, Fast Company Magazine, Juniper Networks, Kellogg’s, KFC, Recycled Paper Products, NobleWorks, Chicago Tribune, Frito Lay Inc., Reason, Haymarket Media U.K., LA Times, Klasky Csupo, Oliver Winery, Computerworld, U.S. Banker, St. Martin’s Press, Rolling Stone, Fortune, Bloomberg News, Wall Street Stock Exchange, Outside Magazine, Dunkin Donuts, Spin, McDonalds, Teledyne, Anheuser Busch…

Thirty years of crafting art for whoever contacts me, such as Art Directors, Corporate Suits, Design Companies, Marketing Geniuses, Pointy Headed Editors, Publishers, Gallery Owners, Bloggers and Citizens, very smart and discerning Citizens of course, with a keen eye for good art.
Thanks. Enjoy the website, enjoy the art.
Kevin Pope

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